Cleaning and water treatment KEMIRA

KEMIRA is a world leader in the production of organic and no organic coagulants, anionic and cationic flocculants, anti-foaming agents and defoamers.

Flocculants are developed on polyacrylamide base with a very high content of active substance (95-98%) and are available as a granules or emulsion.

Applicable in the treatment of drinking water, wastewater and sludge from industrial and municipal WWTP and found many applications in the paper, mining and oil industry and metallurgy.

Product series Sedifloc® are synthetic organic polymers used for the treatment of industrial and municipal waste water and water from surface water sources as well as sludge conditioning. Use of flocculants of this series provides high clarity of the treated water, remarkable acceleration of precipitation and the ability to work in a very wide range of pH (4 to 13) at a very low dosage of the products. Applicable in various sectors such as flotation, sludge dewatering in centrifuge and different filter presses and sealing of different types of sludge.

Contact person:

Ognian Atanasov

M: 0887 782 700


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